Just lost my post here, because somewhere in the middle of my (very slow!) typing or at the post-it stage my log-in was no-more.
So, I shall make just a few shorter draft-like statements:

1. Second(!) wife of Russian "Fascist" Barkashov was badly beaten by police (?) during demonstrations preceeding Russian-Ukranian War.

2. Another woman held that dramatic photo of the woman's swolen face and the photo appeared on a Dutch News website.

3. Psychology removed from Soviet School curriculum (after Stalin), made "secret".

4. NLP- Neuro-Linguistic-Programming (part of  brain-washing) is language-dependent.

5. I learned about Russian psychologist Vygotski (Thought and Language) only in 1986 in London, also about (Soviet) Kirlian's discovery of Bio-Life fields (photograped by accident).

6. DAVID COHN once asked me in which language I thought and almost held his breath - waiting/hoping to hear the answer.

7. Psychology was replaced by ideology and indoctrination.

8. In MGU Geography students had a round the world travel by sea. Islands ... .

9. In Honolulu, Hawaii in 1977 World Psychiatric Assoc. had its 6th Congress.

10. Wild pagan (satanic) sects in Russia - monk RASPUTIN- Royal family.

11. Video on Guardian website vanished:my post "LY-plus" -  

12. Another site: october-four-92-93.blogspot.com