High Quality Content by Wikipedia-articles! Westland New Post (WNP, also known as Westland National Socialistische Ordnung) was a Belgian neo-Nazi organization founded in March 1981 by Paul Latinus and members of the Front de la Jeunesse (FJ). The Front de la Jeunesse was later in 1983 convicted for being a private militia. WNP would disappear in 1984, its leader Paul Latinus was found dead in his home in April of that year, and the other members came into a conflict.

Marcel Barbier, a WNP member, was convicted in May 1987 for a gruesome double murder in the la rue de la Pastorale in Anderlecht on February 18, 1982. One of the victims, Mr. Alphonse Vandermeulen, had been married to Barbier's current girlfriend, Mme. Marcelle Gobert. The police would interrogate both Barbier and his girlfriend, and searched both their homes, but no arrests were made.


  • Autor: Lambert M. Surhone,Miriam T. Timpledon,Susan F. Marseken

  • Herausgaber: Lambert M. Surhone,Miriam T. Timpledon,Susan F. Marseken


  • Verlag: Betascript Publishing

  • Veröffentlichung: 2010

Zusätzliche Information

  • Format: Taschenbuch

  • Sprachausgabe: Englisch

  • Seiten: 260 Seiten

  • Gewicht: 403 g

  • EAN: 9786130360566

  • ISBN: 6130360568

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