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Caviar and Sodomy: The Politics of Sexual Perversion

Why is it that western nations stand idly by as their weakest, their children, are being abducted, sexually abused, and brutally killed by the thousands? What if civilization is not society's victory over the "law of the strongest?" This hard-won victory is based on discipline, moral restraint, and on the principle of reason over passion. When reason is supplanted by passion, all that is needed to control the people is to control their passions.

This volume argues that those who believe sexual liberation equates to human progress have been misled by social engineers intent on destroying families, society, and civilization. Is it a coincidence that high level clerics and politicians everywhere deny the existence of pedophile and satanic networks?  Why is the UN advocating for the legalization of pedophilia by lowering the age of consent? Once human sexuality has been mechanized, severed from affection and biology, the world's gates will be wide open for eugenics, transhumanism, and technocratic rule.

  • Paperback: 240 pagina's

  • Uitgeverij: Trine Day (January 14, 2020)

  • Taal: Engels

  • ISBN-10: 163424205X

  • ISBN-13: 978-1634242059,204,203,200_.jpg

An argument that sexual liberation and sexual rights movements are instruments of control and manipulation at the hands of the New World Order elites. Those who think sexual liberation equates to human progress have been misled. This book argues that it is just one more method to control society, however disguised it may be. Man has as many masters as he has vices. This volume explains for the first time the perverse and subversive nature of the sexual rights arguments being pushed by the United Nations in the wake of the sexual liberation movement of past decades.

Wie gratis een exemplaar wil ontvangen van het script van het boek, die niet leverbaar is wegens "politiek oncorrect", kan een berichtje sturen naar Walter Baeyens en zal dit gratis ontvangen!

Een stukje uit dit boeiende boek van onze vriend Walter Baeyens:

Fast forward to the late 1970s and the 'Eurosystems affair', which was all about a billion dollar contract for the construction of two giant hospital complexes in Jeddah and Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The Eurosystems consortium was headed by the almighty Belgian Société Générale, which has had strong ties to the Belgian royals ever since the early days of the colonization of the Congo, in the late XIXth century.

And so it was that young crown prince Albert was called back from his motorbike adventures in the south of Europe to head the Belgian business delegation to Saudi Arabia. The assumption was that Saudi princes would feel more comfortable discussing matters with a Belgian counterpart of equivalent rank. It was Albert's task to charm the Saudi's into signing the contracts on the dotted line.
As it turned out, what was really needed to win the hearts of the Saudis were huge kickbacks and sexual favors, preferably by young attractive blond ladies. Both could be provided, of course. The consortium called on the services of Madam'Tuna' Israel, who spoke fluent Arab, and whose girls would cater to the Saudis' cravings.

When the deal finally fell through, millions of dollars in commissions and expenses were lost. The Eurosystems debacle turned in a national scandal, not only because of the record amount of money lost, but also because of the rather active involvement of crown prince Albert in the sexual appetizing of the Saudi princes.

1980s. The case of the brutal Brabant Killings, that left at least 28 children, women and men dead, remains unsolved to this day. One of the leads being investigated was that of the so-called 'Pink Ballets', elitist sex-parties that were organized in clubs, villa's and castles throughout the country. The nickname 'Pink Ballets', 'Ballets Roses', was borrowed from a 1959 France-Soir article that had exposed a vast pedophile sex scandal that had sent a shock-wave through De Gaulle's Republic.

As for the Belgian version, it was a medical doctor by the name of André Pinon who had put the fire to the fuse in the year 1980. The good doctor wanted to divorce his wife, whom he accused of participating in sex-parties. Pinon had accumulated quite a pile of evidence to support his case.

The Pinon Files turned out to contain some explosive information. There was talk of 'members of the royal family' having been spotted at these 'Pink Ballet' parties.

In some cases, witnesses stated, the venues where the debauchery was taking place were being secured by the Gendarmerie. Some had even jotted down the license plate numbers of the expensive cars sitting in the parking lot. Rumor had it that minors were involved in the sex-games and that some of the high-fliers had been caught on video-tape with their pants down.

Two of the 1983 victims of the Brabant Killers, the Fourrez-Dewit couple, were said to have been in possession of a copy of these sex-tapes, which they had put up for sale at a price equivalent to about four million 1980 dollars. Officially, these tapes were never recovered. This double murder led some to think that the sex-tapes and the Pinon Files were the motives for the mysterious Brabant Killings.

Late 1979 doctor Pinon's wife J. J. confessed having participated in the infamous 'Pink Ballets'. Her statement, containing many names and particularities, was recorded on tape. The establishment now began to feel uneasy. Justice started an official investigation that unearthed yet more compromising pictures. The Pinon Files proved to be even more explosive than first thought. It was also found that the 'Pink Ballets' had left two people dead. One of whom was a minor who had killed himself with a bullet to the head after one of those crazy coke-parties. The other victim was a very disturbed young woman who died in a fatal car crash after a night of sex and drugs. The Pinon Files, growing thicker by the day, became headline news and started to cause some panic among Belgian power elites. Something needed to be done.

Where there's smoke, there's fire

June 18, 1981. Jean-Claude Garot, chief editor of the francophone weekly 'POUR' magazine, set-up an interview with Christine Doret, the key witness in the Pink Ballet scandal. Garot's intention was to inform the public at large about the truth behind the unfolding sex scandal. Garot was introduced to Doret by doctor Pinon, who attended the recorded interview.

- Doret. “Some of them Vanden Boeynants and prince Albert...yes...I am not kidding. It's true. I saw them. This is a group that governs our country, yes, their meetings without their wives, yes...they are in politics. Some are in politics, others are heads of...There are women -not their spouses- who are being invited by them, like the wife of André (Pinon)”.
- Pinon. “What do they call her?”
- Doret. “Crazy Anne”.
- Garot. “Why 'crazy'? She isn't crazy.”
- Doret. “Because, you know...because of the way she behaves. She sleeps with anyone.”

Christine Doret continued her story, that would fill eight pages in its final version. The interview transcript contained dozens of names of individuals and places as well as material elements that could be checked. Of particular interest was Doret's report of the involvement and the suicide, after having attended sex parties, of two minors. Doret insisted that top political and military figures and crown prince Albert knew about all of this, because they were regular visitors of the Pink Ballet parties.

Paul Vanden Boeynants, nicknamed 'VDB' or 'the Crocodile', was a top politician of the governing Christian Popular Party. VDB was 'a friend of Israel', known to have extreme Rightist Atlantic sympathies and strong anti-communist feelings. He was a leading figure in the Brussels establishment, a one time minister of Defense and Premier, admired by many and feared by many more. His name popped up in several of the blackest scandals that Belgium has known in the 1960s, 70s and 80s.

VDB was the 'top politician' at the center of a pedophile ring, identified by Anneke Lucas, one of its victims.

Although it appeared that Roger Boas, CEO of the Belgian Asco arms company, had blackmailed VDB into signing an important defense equipment contract, the two became friends. Boas, as the name suggests, was of Jewish descent. Anyone familiar with the rites of Freemasonry recognizes the names Boas and Jachin, given to the two Masonic pillars, symbolizing the Temple of King Salomon. The Asco arms producer, involved in the Iran-Contra deals of the 1980s, was being controlled by Jewish interests, represented on the company board by Avraham Shavit.

According to Louis Sik, an early employee and friend of Roger Boas, his boss and VDB went on 'hunting trips' together, to a castle they rented in the vicinity of Louvain. Sik publicly accused his boss and VDB of debauchery, blackmail and corruption. Sik used to send his flaming, handwritten letters to judges, newspapers and TV-stations.

According to Louis Sik, VDB had started to mimic Boas' tactics by videotaping and blackmailing party-goers. Sik claims to have been shown dozens of pictures, one of which showed prince Albert with a girl aged about fourteen. The whistle-blower was portrayed as a basket case. He was never taken seriously.

The Crocodile would later face no less than 190 charges of fiscal fraud, which he attempted to dodge by staging his own kidnapping in 1989. VDB's involvement in the international criminal networks that are part of the 'Absolute Power'' elite ruling the world is detailed in my 2017 book 'The Nebula'.

After Garot had publicly stated his intention to publish the hot story in his Pour Magazine, he started to get telephone calls from lawyers urging him to stop the presses. In the early morning hours of July 5, 1981, the Pour offices, including the printer room, in the Rue de la Concorde in Brussels, were completely destroyed by a fire. Fortunately there were no victims. The arsonists, five members of an ultra-Rightist group, were arrested a few days later. One of them was a close friend of Paul Latinus, the leader of the fascist Westland New Post (WNP) group, that was linked to the Brabant Killings. Latinus was suicided in April of 1984. At the time, he was in possession of a copy of the Pinon Files. Latinus and his well structured ultra-Rightist WNP were accused of being the 'dirty tricks' department of State Security.

Who exactly commissioned the arson attack on Pour Magazine was never officially uncovered. Needless to say that the Pink Ballet articles were never published. The message was clear.

Pour Magazine, its offices and printing equipment having been reduced to ashes, simply ceased to exist and Garot found himself without a job. This was how the Belgian establishment dealt with 'freedom of the press' back in the 1980s. Things have not improved since.

If they let me

Judge Connerotte, who investigated the Dutroux child abuse and murder case in the 1990s, once stated that he had been 'peeking into the playground of the rich'.

He promised that he would dig to the bottom of the affair 'if they let him'. But, of course, they didn't let him. He was taken off the case after he had attended a fund-raising dinner in support of the victims. This Machiavellian manipulation incited the people of Belgium to take to the streets in protest.

The closest the Belgian populace ever came to a genuine and spontaneous revolt against the judicial and political classes, out of deep anger over their obvious criminal negligence, was the October 1996 White March in Brussels that mobilized over 300.000 people.(5).The White March -'White for Innocence'-was a strong statement from the embittered and mourning people, following the public exposure of the Dutroux's horrific crimes.

The White Movement, headed by the brokenhearted parents of Dutroux's victims, gradually started taking on a political dimension, envisioning the founding of a popular White Party. After the failed attempt by the governing parties to simply annex the 'White Rage' crowd, the movement was summarily smothered by the powers that be.

Ach ja oud nieuws... Wie gaat trouwens mee wandelen in Aalst op 9 november 2019? Dan is er ook een kleine White Rage. Walter kom jij ook? Ik heb trouwens vorig jaar een fris en zeer intelligent brein ontmoet vorig jaar. Een mentor met diverse speciale gaven! BTW iedereen het boek is te bekomen zoals dat Holmes dit hierboven aangeeft. Zeker doen en Walter vergeet niet mooi iedereens naam te noteren. smile