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Stuk uit een engelse boek die verschijnt laat 2010...


So far this book has been almost exclusively about Belgium itself. A country which, in many ways, is no better than a cesspit. But, as we all know, when a cesspit spills over, everybody has to deal with the resulting shit. In the case of England, the cesspit is very close indeed. Which begs the following questions.

Has England itself ever been directly affected by Belgian corruption? Has an English child ever been tortured, raped or murdered because of this?

The answer, to both questions, is ‘Yes.’

This is made abundantly clear by looking at the case of Beat Meier. He is not Belgian, he is Swiss. His name appears in the Dutroux police files, but in a fairly unusual way. He was denounced by a fellow paedophile, Serge Heylens. Heylens confessed to committing sexual offences himself against children, back in 1989.

This is what the police report said.

BR 37.65.102712/96 102.712 BDE LAEKEN
HEYLENS Serge (27/11/67)
HEYLENS contacts 0800 (Ed: Connerotte’s hotline). Hands over copies of advertisements for paedophile magazines.
He confesses to deeds in 1989, against VOETEN Frédéric (01/02/77) and BACHRAOUI Hassan (01/11/77)
He denounces paedophiles
Father Joseph DOUCE. Assassinated in 1991. Centre of Christ the Liberator. Used to be a priest.
BALLAND Maurice. Used to be a friend of DOUCE.
BONDAR Guy. Accomplice of BALLAND.
Jean-Michel, Michel (20 years old). Wanted to join the Pol PARIS as a musician
KORTE Andréas (27 years old). Conscientious objector.
NAMBLA Group. Paedophile meetings. (Ed: the two names that follow are victims) GOSSELIN Cyril and Stéphanie. Philippe (16 years old).
CHAUVIERE Henry (35 years old). Cook at the CCL (Ed: probably the Centre of Christ the Liberator mentioned above).
DE LEEUW Bernard (30 years old). Exchanged a paedophile videotape with a Moroccan.
MEIER Beat. Creator of the paedophile publication LIBIDO.
BRONGERSMA. Ex-Dutch Senator.
CARPENTIER Philippe (deceased). Friend of DOUCE. Ex-president of CRIES.
Organises paedophile meetings.
PAUWELSLEI Alan. Scotsman of the European Commission.
VANDERGUCHT Marc. He is chief scout and abuses scouts.
VAN MEERBECK Bernard. Photos and fondling at the AQUALIBI (Ed: A well known Belgian swimming pool and amusement park)
VANDENBOSSCHE Marc. Owns lists of paedophiles.
ELSEN Marc. Ex-military – acts as librarian for paedophile documentation.
OTTO Michel. Publishes paedophile photos.
POJKAERT. Paedophile publication.

As you can see, Beat Meier appears in this list. If, by any chance, you are a Scotland Yard detective who is specialized in Child Protection, then this name will immediately start bells ringing. He is significant because he is not just an ordinary paedophile. He is, according to ex-Detective Chief Inspector Bob McLachlan a paedophile of the worst possible kind. This is because he is a sadist.

Beat Meier achieved the dubious distinction of meriting his own chapter in the BBC Book The Hunt for Britain’s Paedophiles. This book accompanied the BBC Documentary of the same name, which was broadcast in 2002. This documentary followed a team of fly-on-the-wall BBC journalists as they followed detectives in Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit for a year. The accompanying book was co-authored by Bob Long, who was Producer/Director of the BBC Documentary, and Detective Chief Inspector Bon McLachlan, now retired but was then head of Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit (Note: Since 2002 the name ‘Paedophile Unit’ has been discontinued. Scotland Yard now always uses the term Child Protection). The series, as would be expected, was appalling in its subject matter.

Not only did Beat Meier get his own chapter; he provided the most atrocious material in what was an almost consistently harrowing book. The chapter that featured him was entitled Paedophile and Monster, and it is a gruelling read. Below is a summary of its contents.

Scotland Yard detectives travelled to Switzerland to try to interview him in prison, but Meier was not having any of it. He was serving a long sentence in Zurich, but Scotland Yard officers wanted to talk to him about a video they had obtained. This video featured a boy who was tied to a chair and horrifically tortured and abused by two masked men. Through great detective work Scotland Yard identified the boy, even though his face never appeared on the video. Fortunately the boy had survived his ordeal and he was tracked down to his home in Liverpool.

The boy’s explanation was very revealing. Beat Meier had befriended his parents and suggested taking the boy back to Switzerland for a holiday. Like Dutroux’s invitation to the two unsuspecting Slovakian girls, this turned out to be the holiday from hell.

Scotland Yard were, understandably, delighted to have made so much progress. There was one remaining problem, however. The video featured TWO masked men who tortured the boy to within an inch of his life. They had identified Meier. But who was the other one? Hence their trip to Switzerland to try to speak to Meier. Without success.

Scotland Yard were on to Meier for his crimes against an English child in Switzerland. A very important question, however, is ‘What did he get up to on his travels in England, apart from befriending the Liverpool boy’s parents?’

Their fears grew when they received an unexpected call from the Luxembourg authorities. They said that they had an informant who was prepared to tell them about Meier’s rape and murder of a four year old English girl. This girl’s photograph had featured in Lolita, a notorious paedophile publication which contains photos of raped and abused little girls (necrophile Eric Mattheeussen also had copies of Lolita in his possession, incidentally, when police raided his house).

Although this information was uncorroborated, Scotland Yard knew that this was entirely in line with Meier’s known behaviour. At the moment of Meier’s arrest, for example, he was in possession of photographs of a female baby, being tortured with a speculum. Scotland Yard also knew that Meier had produced, and supplied, other extreme sadistic child abuse films, but they had no evidence.

Returning to the Luxembourg authorities, they had a paedophile in prison (a Luxembourg citizen) who wanted to talk to them. His name was Jean-Michel Klopp, and an absolutely revolting man. He wanted to talk to Scotland Yard detectives about a film which featured a small boy being tortured by masked men. This had clear parallels with the film that the police knew Beat Meier had featured in, namely the torturing of the boy from Liverpool. This film had one important difference, however. The boy had died of his injuries.

Klopp claimed to have seen the film, and learnt from Karl Hobi, the former head of the Swiss Paedophile Association, that Meier had organized the making of the film and that it had been filmed in England. McLachlan thought that Klopp’s description of the film possibly corresponded to a disused industrial building in the North of England. McLachlan kept an open mind, however, with regard to the veracity of Klopp’s claims. Apart from his own scepticism about so called snuff movies that fail to materialize, Klopp himself seemed to have been getting off big time on the experience of describing all the gory details.

Scotland Yard had no idea that Beat Meier’s name had come up in the Marc Dutroux investigation. We now explore ourselves the reasons why his name appeared there. It is fascinating, disgusting and terrifying.

Serge Heylens, incidentally, makes a single appearance in the Dutroux file. This does not necessarily mean that his claims were not followed up. It may be that a separate investigation was launched; one whose contents I am not privy to. It is extremely unlikely, however, because his testimony touches on one of the biggest, and most sensitive, Belgian cover-ups of the last twenty-five years. There is little chance that they would delve into this now. In fact, given what you are about to read, you may decide that he is more likely to be found floating in a canal.

The cover up happened a long time ago, in 1986 to be precise. Nevertheless the effects of this cover up, as you will see, are still haunting us today, and can be felt way beyond the confines of Belgium. We will continue to be affected for many years to come.

Even if Scotland Yard had received a copy of Serge Heylens’s testimony, however, it would have been difficult for them to decipher it, although I have no doubt whatsoever that they would have succeeded in the end. This is because the important word in this testimony is CRIES (which is invariably pronounced cree-ess).

CRIES is the name given to a huge paedophile scandal that erupted in Belgium in 1986. Several names that Heylens provides are in fact CRIES members, as well as Philippe Carpentier who is correctly identified as an ex-President. CRIES was a cover organization for paedophiles, CRIES in fact stands for Centre de Recherches et de l’Information sur l’Enfance et la Sexualité (Centre for Research and Information into Childhood and Sexuality). This ‘Centre for Research’ was in fact a club for paedophiles from all over Europe. One list, which was leaked to journalists, is the list of members. This was seized from the CRIES computer. There are hundreds of them; securing this list was a valuable prize for the journalists. One of the members was Beat Meier. He is joined there by some interesting individuals, some of whom are every bit as bad as he is.

The 1986 scandal erupted because, unsurprisingly, this ‘Centre of Research’ was nothing other than a paedophile magnet. It was also, however, a huge embarrassment, and not only to Belgium. The problem was that CRIES had been operating under the auspices, and full approval, of UNICEF. One of the four men who were eventually convicted was the head of UNICEF Belgium!

It was clear that a lot of people wanted this little scandal to go away as quickly and quietly as possible. I was therefore intrigued as to how anyone at all came to be convicted, if this was indeed a cover-up. The CRIES files I have had access to (by virtue of having been copied into the main Dutroux case file) made the reasons perfectly clear, however. The Belgian authorities really had no choice! The four defendants freely admitted having sex with children and using CRIES to organize meetings with fellow paedophiles, meetings at which they exchanged photographs of abused children. They freely admitted owning photos that were seized by the police, and even named some of the children. It was an open and shut case for these four. They received relatively light prison sentences, however, possibly reflecting the fact that they could not have been more helpful.

How bad was CRIES, on a Richter Scale of depravity? About 9.0, according to one policeman who worked on the case, who happened to be Patrick De Baets, who led the investigation into the X’s. When, during a newspaper interview, he was asked if he was qualified to lead the investigation into the X’s, this is what he had to say.

As a policeman I had already seen and heard things that defied the imagination. I had worked on the ‘ballets roses,’ eh? (Ed: an early investigation into sex parties at which children were suspected to be present). I had learnt what normal people think is impossible. That what they believe is unthinkable, or even unimaginable, does indeed exist and take place. At the end of the 1980’s I saw the case file of the astonishing paedophile affair around CRIES. Photos of unnameable acts, atrocious, with children and even babies.
De Baets knew what he was talking about, of course. The CRIES affair involved paedophiles who met up and exchanged photos and information with others who were like-minded in their levels of depravity. The four who were convicted exchanged photos which depicted ‘straight’ paedophile sex, without sadomasochism of any kind (I hesitate to use the word ‘straight’ in this context but I hope you know what I mean). De Baets makes clear, however, and this was confirmed by many of sources, that the contents of the CRIES files were apocalyptic in nature. The producers, suppliers and consumers of these photographs were, for the most part, far more devious than the four co-defendants.

De Baets mentioning of babies, and McLachlan’s description of a baby being tortured with a speculum, make us immediately think of CRIES member Beat Meier, given that Meier was arrested in Paris with a picture of a tortured baby in his pocket. Meier was arrested there a few years after the CRIES scandal exploded. Could the photo of the baby be a memento of happy days in Brussels?

You probably recall that I made a very strong statement at the beginning of this chapter. I said that corruption in Belgium was directly responsible for acts of depravity in England. Beat Meier was the paedophile I had in mind.

How can I be so sure that Belgian corruption let Beat Meier off the hook?

Firstly, they had no excuse not to search any further than the four co-defendants, who all admitted to being practising paedophiles, and sung like canaries about their activities. We know they had no excuse, because some of the CRIES witness statements had been copied into the Dutroux case file. Not only did they confess their own activities, they also described, in detail, visits to France and Holland, and the paedophiles they met there. No attempt whatsoever was made, by the Belgian authorities, to pursue these leads, even though testimony against monsters such as Jean-Manuel Vuillaume was included. You will soon see what Jean-Manuel Vuillaume was able to get up to, thanks to this corruption.

Secondly, the Belgian authorities never made the slightest effort to share the results of their CRIES investigation, with the authorities of other countries. If they had done this a large number of evil acts might have been avoided. The list of members, in particular (which contains members from all around the world) would have been warmly welcomed, I am sure.

‘But how do you know that this was corruption?’ you may be wondering. ‘Is it not simply a case of the Belgian authorities being totally incompetent, yet again?’

No it is not. It is corruption pure and simple. The objective of this corruption was to protect highly placed people.

We know this, thanks to the testimony of a colourful French private detective called André Rogge. He seems to enjoy the confidence of the Belgian authorities today. He was called as a witness, for example, during the highly publicized trial of the murderers of André Cools, leader of Belgium’s Socialist Party.

In the context of CRIES, Rogge names policemen and associated events which are all demonstrably correct. He wrote a book about his experiences working as a private detective in Belgium. This was entitled, appropriately, Les Egouts du Royaume (The Sewers of The Kingdom). One of the chapters describes how he was called in by Commissioner Yves Zimmer (of the Police Judiciaire in Brussels) to assist in investigating a paedophile scandal, called CRIES.

I was aware, of course, of the existence of organised paedophile networks. In 1987, Commissioner Yves Zimmer, of the Police Judiciaire of Brussels, asked me to contact two notorious paedophiles and try to discover more about their activities in the building where UNICEF Brussels was located. Two days later I brought some meagre pieces of information to Zimmer. The networks operated under a cover organization called CRIES. A so called Centre of Research, that was dependent on UNICEF, and whose computer system allowed ‘clients’ to discretely serve themselves fresh pleasures of the flesh.

When the CRIES affair exploded in the press, Commissioner Zimmer said to me in his office ‘You can drop this affair. We will not be able to go further. Some of the clients are highly placed…’

The CRIES affair melted away. Yves Zimmer was right. However, a file of 800 active paedophiles was seized, with names, addresses, telephone numbers. A few fall guys were convicted. The photographer who immortalized the jollities, and whose ‘works of art’ appear in the file, committed suicide soon after his arrival at Forest prison.

I am certain that Rogge is telling the truth. He definitely worked for Zimmer, and visited his offices. I do not believe he would quote him unless he was sure of his facts. Zimmer was also, incidentally, the specialist in sex crimes at the Police Judiciaire in Brussels.

Rogge is also right, of course, when he says that names and addresses were seized. This is the list that was obtained by journalists.

If Rogge is telling the truth then this is absolutely disgusting. It means that the Belgian authorities, through their own grubby little cover-up, have jeopardized the lives of children in the future, not only in Belgium but also in many other countries. The English child from Liverpool, tied up and tortured by Beat Meiers, is only one of these.

CRIES was mentioned elsewhere in the Dutroux file. The police received an anonymous declaration which denounced of all people, the lawyer Jean-Paul Dumont. You may recall that he has already been denounced by X1, X2 and the sadistic paedophile Jean-Paul Raemaekers.

The witness knew DUMONT very well between 1984-89
DUMONT was the right hand of VANDEN BOEYNANTS
DUMONT proposed sexual relations to the witness. Refused
DUMONT asked him to accompany him to special parties in a château of Namur. Refused.
DUMONT asked him to find children aged 10-12 years. Refused.
DUMONT frequented at the time the café ANDRE – the restaurant MOK MA ZWET and the CIRCUS discotheque.
ANDRE and the MOK MA ZWET was run by gangsters who also had links to the MOZART.
One day after the CIRCUS was closed, and under DUMONT’s direction, the last clients and bosses went to a villa to which DUMONT had the keys.
Villa 5 minutes away in the car from the CIRCUS
Swimming pool – nude bathing
DUMONT was the lawyer of individuals implicated in the CRIES file, including DESSY
DESSY is a paedophile
DESSY has a villa near RIXENSART where minors live.
DESSY pays a lot of money for paedophile cassettes (tortures) and/or children
He is a member of the homosexual network SPARTACUS
He is the brother of Georges DESSY
Georges DESSY is a senior figure at BBL (Ed: a major Belgian Bank, since when it has been taken over by Dutch bank ING) - he is a homosexual fetishist who practices urology.
The collection of DESSY Georges is hidden in a garage near his home

We do not know how reliable this declaration is. Nevertheless, Jean-Paul Dumont appears in enough places elsewhere for it to be credible. The references to a CRIES member, who is also interested in tortured children, are striking given what we know about CRIES, and Beat Meier in particular.

The reference to the SPARTACUS network is also interesting. This was another cover-up. The Spartacus network hid behind the Spartacus publication, whose editor was the defrocked English priest John Stamford. This publication masqueraded as a holiday guide for gays on the travels round the world. John Stamford was finally committed for trial, however, accused of using the publication as a front. The information inside it was not related to inexpensive gay-friendly places of entertainment; it was pointing out places which were attractive for paedophiles.

Whether these charges would have stuck or not is a moot point. Apart from the guide itself, however, John Stamford faced other charges. He was the accomplice of hotel owners in paedophile paradises in many different countries, such as Thailand or The Philippines. This hotel owner acted as intermediary between Stamford and his paedophile clients. The clients told Stamford what sort of child they were looking for, and in which country. Stamford would then liaise with his local contacts, who would provide the children. John Stamford died in prison in Belgium, from a totally unexpected heart attack, while awaiting trial.

Fortunately, however, two important lists of names and addresses were leaked to journalists. The first one, the so called Spartacus list, comprises Belgian subscribers to his Spartacus publication. It is a fair assumption that many of these people were homosexuals who had nothing to do with paedophilia. The second list is much more interesting. It is the list of paedophiles, worldwide, who paid John Stamford money for his Holiday Help Portfolios. This was Stamford’s euphemism for payments he received to provide ‘facilities’ (i.e. children) for paedophiles in hotels. I understand that this would have been an open and shut case, if Stamford had not died. John Stamford’s notes recorded credit card payments, plus descriptions of the age and type of children requested, together with the sexual services they would be required to perform.

When John Stamford suddenly died, a large number of paedophiles will have given a great sigh of relief! The investigation was halted, and has gathered dust ever since. Again, no attempt was made to share this information with other countries. If they managed to persuade the Belgian authorities to open up the case file (it is located in Turnhout in the north of the country), they will discover a great deal of very interesting information about British paedophiles. I think, however, that they will have more chance getting blood out of a stone.

I hope that they give the list of CRIES members the attention it deserves. For example, Scotland Yard are trying to identify the second masked man who tortured the boy in Switzerland (the first was Beat Meier). Apart from Beat Meier, the list includes another half dozen Swiss citizens. I am sure that they are also interested in anyone that Meier may have met on his travels in England, especially if he is suspected of organizing snuff movies in the United Kingdom, or murdering a four year old English girl. The CRIES list includes several British names and addresses. I think they should all be checked out.

Apart from Beat Meier, who we already know about, who are the individuals that figure on this list? What are they like? We have little information to go on from the original 1986 enquiry, apart from their names, addresses and fragments of information from the original case file (the parts that were copied into the Dutroux case file). Fortunately, with help from the internet, we can play a variant of a well known game. It is called Where are They Now?

Looking up these people on the Internet allows us to appreciate the consequences of Belgium’s inaction, when faced with the CRIES scandal. What Belgium did, was to let a hoard of rapacious cockroaches run for cover, lie low for a while, then start up their iniquitous activities again.

Where shall we start? How about Viktor Michel? He is in one of the five other Swiss citizens on the list, together with Beat Meier. I suggest that he would be a good place to start, if Scotland Yard are interested in attempting to identify Beat Meier’s masked accomplice.

Playing Where Are They Now? with Viktor Michel, produced a hit on the BBC News website. This featured a story dated 20 October 2000, entitled Sex tourist gets seven years. This story was notable because it described France’s first conviction of a paedophile, for sexual offences committed abroad. The paedophile in question was Amnon Chemouil. The way he was caught, however, is noteworthy. He appeared on a video made by Viktor Michel. This video was seized by Swiss police when pursing their own paedophile ring investigation. It transpired that Chemouil had agreed to feature in the video, made in Pattaya, Thailand. He was asked to do this by Viktor Michel, his travelling companion.

This news article had an ironic twist. It included the following quote from Jacques Hintzy, president of the French branch of UNICEF: ‘This is a trial that should give paedophiles cause for fear, and convince them there is no impunity.’ I do not think he knew that Viktor Michel may have learnt many of his unlovely habits in the UNICEF building in Brussels, with the encouragement of Michel Felu, president of the Belgian branch of UNICEF.

Let’s hear it for another ex-CRIES member, Jacques Delbouille. He came out of the investigation completely unscathed, apart from an altercation with one of the policemen which led to him facing charges for threatening a policeman with a revolver. He declared that he was in reality infiltrating CRIES on behalf of Belgian intelligence, a claim that was regarded with derision by the police. He was never charged, however. His claims of innocence fell flat a few years later when, following a tip off from one of the four convicted CRIES members, police raided his home. They found a staggering fifteen cubic metres of child pornography. They also had another surprise. Jacques Delbouille was not quite all there. He claimed to be the only Belgian member of an obscure religious cult, the Hinschists, who were based in the South of France. When they searched his cellar they found two child’s coffins, which contained the dead bodies of his two pet dogs.

He was briefly held by police, then released. The Belgian authorities claim that they do not have the resources to plough through his collection (which, I understand, contains a lot of the original CRIES material). Given that he is ex-CRIES, however, I suspect they do not really want to.

One thing the Dutroux investigators found, incidentally, was extensive correspondence between Delbouille and Bernard Scholl. Bernard Scholl, if you recall, organized sadomasochistic exhibitions in which people were cut with a Stanley knife. He was also accused of paedophilia at Marcel Hofmans’ club, La Piscine (a club he admitted visiting regularly).

Had enough of these freaks? Why, we are only just beginning! Let’s hear it for ex-CRIES member Michel Caignet. Founding member of the Gay Nazi Party. The fact that dear Adolf caused most people of his sexual orientation to be bumped off is neither here not there as far as Michel Caignet was concerned. His weighty tome Homosexuality and National Socialism testified to that. He was editor of Gay France magazine and turned it into an extreme right publication. He was also a paedophile, and the brain behind the Toro Bravo paedophile network, which rocked France when it was discovered in April 1996. He also published photographs taken by fellow paedophile and extreme right winger Bernard Alapetite. These photos were of children in paedophile poses, dressed up in the uniform of Hitler’s brown shirts.
An extra large round of applause is due for fellow CRIES member Jean-Manuel Vuillaume. I mentioned previously that the four CRIES co-defendants willingly volunteered information about Vuillaume, whom they regularly visited in Paris. The Belgians did nothing with this lead, so let us see what the consequences were.

He teamed up with Michel Caignet in the aforementioned Toro Bravo scandal. Vuillaume was a talented photographer and filmmaker. This meant that his works of art which he filmed in Colombia, featuring ten year old children being raped, sold like hot cakes when offered to his clients in the Toro Bravo network.

But what about our own, British CRIES members? I have not found any trace of the Scotsman who worked at the commission, Alan Powelslei (his name appeared in Heylen’s statement, together with Beat Meiers, you may recall) and indeed his name does not appear in the CRIES list. I suspect that this is a straightforward error. The Belgian police, struggling with a difficult foreign name, did not write the name down correctly.

One CRIES member, Alan Fairweather, really takes the biscuit, however, when it come to weirdness. Our Edinburgh man turned up on the Internet, on a site dedicated to, of all things, the great British eccentric. Squeezed between two equally striking creatures (John Slater - walked from John O’Groats to Lands End in his striped pyjamas, offered himself as human exhibit in local zoo. William Chidley – invented ‘natural coition’ whereby the male organ is not thrust into the vagina, but when ‘the sphincter flashes open’ the penis is gently drawn into it by natural suction) we read the following.

Another splendid example is the ‘potato man.’ Alan Fairweather, an obsessed inspector in the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in Scotland. All his meals consist entirely of potatoes, with the occasional chocolate bar, vitamin pill plus pots and pots of tea. He sleeps on the floor of his study in a sleeping bag and rents out all four of the bedrooms in his home. ‘I don’t see the point in having a special room set aside to fall unconscious in.’

Alan Fairweather also wandered into the Mr Potato Head fan club on the Internet. He became rapidly disillusioned, however. No-one wanted to discuss with him the advantages and disadvantages of different types of potatoes. That his email name was in fact the name of his favourite type of potato, failed to break the ice.
I must stress at this point that no links with paedophilia were ever found involving Alan Fairweather. I would like to think that if there is one single person who might have wondered in innocently off the street, and found himself among the CRIES membership by accident, it is our Mr Potato Man. He is certainly mad enough! Nevertheless, he should be called upon to explain his membership. I am also a little concerned about his lodgers. I would certainly never sleep there!

In one case I was moved to take direct action myself. One of the CRIES members, hailing from France, was Jean-François Makhlouf. But he turned up later, on the Internet, in a disturbing context.

Email Jean-François Makhlouf
Date 10 July 1998 at 12:06:18
Subject Message from Nepal to players of the French team
Dear Friends,
We have a home for street children of Kathmandu, in Nepal. At present we have 33 children and adolescents. They attentively follow the World Cup and you know how much sport is a great and beautiful thing and can be a formidable means for social reinsertion (especially for these children that have suffered so much for their tender years). Our children are passionate about football and they follow attentively how the World Cup unfolds. An attractive postcard dedicated by yourself, and by our dear ‘Mémé,’ for their attention (‘KIDS SHANGRILA’) would be a source of great pleasure to them. If, by chance, you could think about them, that would be marvellous!
Allez les Bleus!! Allez la France!
With all my heart, from Paris and Nepal, we are with you!!!
Jean-François Makhlouf

I did not like this at all. Until this point, my researches into CRIES members had led exclusively to those who had gone on to commit further sexual offences against children.

This was different. Regardless of the enthusiastic tones of Makhlouf in this email, I smelt a rat. In any case, of one thing I am certain. Ex-CRIES members should not be allowed to become heads of associations for street children in the Third World. Not under any circumstances whatsoever!

I discussed this with a lawyer that I knew, and she told me that she knew someone who was working with street children in Nepal. My legal friend contacted her and, surprise, surprise, it turned out that her association was called the Shangri-La Home. Did she know Jean-François Makhlouf?

Yes, she did. This is her email which she sent back, in double quick time, to my friend. The email appears in its original form. Not being written by a native English speaker, it contains one two grammatical errors. The capital letters and interesting expressions are all hers!

I was very upset when Jean-Christophe told me about the message about Jean-François Makhlouf. I want to let you know that Shangri-La Home has NOTHING to do with him. He never was the president of our organisation and he never will be.
He is a FREAK and I was kicking him out of my home a few years ago (I think it must have been 4 years by now).

He NEVER was working in our house, but he was sponsoring one of my kids. He was visiting Nepal and I can tell you that I always was feeling uncomfortable with him. I just want to let you know that he is NOT involved in my organization. I am really shocked, and if you have some more information about him, please let me know, because for the moment I feel ready to… waaaaaarrrrrggghhhh!! It’s unbelievable that he was using the name of my organisation!!!

This is the reality of CRIES. Some of the ex-members have demonstrably gone on to commit further sex-crimes against children, and some are horrific in nature. Many of the others, of course, have committed sex crimes we do not know about, and I have no doubt that some of these crimes are atrocious.

I would like to be able to say that I had somehow developed special skills to recognize people like this. The truth is different, however. It was not the tone of his emails that alerted me, although his writing did have an obsessive quality that is characteristic of some paedophiles. No, the answer is that I knew he was a freak, simply because he had been a member of CRIES. We do not know how far his depravity goes. Is it simply touching up children? Or ‘straight’ paedophile sex, like the head of UNICEF Belgium, and CRIES member, Michel Felu. Maybe he likes to film children being raped, like CRIES members Viktor Michel and Jean-Manuel Vuillaume? Or does he like to torture his victims nearly to death, like CRIES member Beat Meier.

I cannot prove it, but I am willing to bet anything that at least one ex-member of CRIES has gone on and tortured a child to death, somewhere in the world. We may never know where or when, but when you have 800 members, populated by monsters such as the people I have already described, it becomes a statistical near-certainty.

All this was facilitated, according to Rogge (quoting police commissioner Zimmer) by cover up. Necessary because of the highly placed individuals involved. As the rest of this book has made clear, such claims of a cover up are entirely unsurprising. This cover up is leading to the rape and torture of children today, it will continue to do so long into the future.



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Alles gaat veel te langzaam. Maar ik ga hier Hoofdstuk 22 plaatsen. Ik geloof dat dit verhaal zeer belangrijk is maar het is tot nu toe onbekend in België. Alle reacties zijn welkom.



swan, een update over je plannen rond dit boek? Het zou zonde zijn mocht dit niets worden.


Citaat: "So far this book has been almost exclusively about Belgium itself. A country which, in many ways, is no better than a cesspit. "

Als ik dit lees, heb ik al geen zin meer om verder te lezen. Ik vind het subjectief en een veralgemeend vooroordeel en voor een schrijver getuigt dit van gebrek aan inzicht en gebrek aan deskundigheid. Wie dit schrijft is iemand die een hekel aan België heeft en op zoek is naar een stok om te slagen. Als je genoeg je best doet kan je hetzelfde doen met elk ander land. In elke riool vind je stront. Dat is hier niet anders dan in andere landen. Politiek om maar iets te noemen wordt altijd en overal vuil gespeeld en pedofiele netwerken zijn er niet enkel in België en zouden ook zonder ons klein landje bestaan.

Servo per Amikeco



Volledig akkoord met DeadLetterBox. Trouwens, André Rogge, de privé-detective was geen Fransman maar een Belg.


Ik ben ook tegen zulke uitspraken. Het is goedkoop en ook totaal onjuist. Tussen duizend mensen zitten er altijd een paar die "niet normaal" zijn en alle landen van de wereld worden door mensen bewoond. Een paar eilanden in enkele oceanen zijn onbewoond en daar heb je het veel minder.


Het doet een beetje denken aan de uitspraken van de Britse eerste minister...

Servo per Amikeco


DeadLetterBox wrote:

Als ik dit lees, heb ik al geen zin meer om verder te lezen.

You're right. This was a first draft. The language is far too strong. At the very least, Belgium was no worse than other countries in the 1980's and 1990's. We now know that in England, for example, 'rewriting' of police statements occurred regularly

dim wrote:

swan, een update over je plannen rond dit boek? Het zou zonde zijn mocht dit niets worden.

Two problems.

  1. I have a day job and have to work hard to support my family. But a book like this takes a huge amount of research (unpaid), and therefore time. But I will get there.

  2. I have completely changed my mind about certain subjects. For example, with the murder of Christine Van Hees, I was completely on the same wavelength as De Coninck, Van Heeswyck and Bulte when they wrote their book 'Les Dossiers X'. But I have discovered that they lied, and lied again, when quoting from police statements. And I mean lied, it is not a question of mistakes. And not about details either; we are talking about key police statements in the Christine Van Hees file. Conclusion: these journalists went all out to 'protect the punks' (they were the original suspects, for those that do not know this case very well). Why? I think I know, but I have to prove it.